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Male organ care

Intimacy is more than mere pushing, pulling and groaning. Often, it's an emotional experience that can bring two people together in ways they never imagined. When both parties are satisfied, they may want to keep touching one another, keeping their bodies in close contact. Unfortunately, some men develop such intense male organ pain symptoms after release that the lightest touch brings them pain. These men may feel as though there's something amiss that only intense male organ care can cure. Others may feel as though something is wrong because they DON’T feel intense sensation following release. In reality, both of these groups of men may just need to know a little more about male organ anatomy.
Intense Circuitry
The male organ is lined with a network of nerve fibers that transmit signals of both pleasure and pain from the privates to the brain. These little cells work best when they're pushed to the surface by a deep pool of blood. They have the nourishment to function properly, and they're positioned to receive the maximum amount of information. During tumescence, these cells are firing at an incredibly rapid rate, and they hit overdrive when a man is about to reach the peak of pleasure. When that moment passes, however, the blood begins to slide into the other parts of a man's body. This transition takes time, however, and those little nerve cells may still be working quickly as the blood fades away.
Some men experience intense sensations for minutes, and when their firmness are gone, the sensitivity is gone as well. Other men have leftover sensitivity for much longer periods of time, with some men feeling the change for as long as 15 minutes. There are some men, however, who don't experience this issue at all, and who remain ready to plunge back into action almost immediately.
Body Acceptance
It's easy to believe that all men should be the same and should feel the same things, and that men who don't respond in ways their mates find familiar have something wrong with them. In general, this isn't a healthy way to view the human body. Each man has his own circuitry and his own way of behaving, and as long as his body's responses don't change dramatically from one day to the next, there's no real cause for concern. Some men might be able to jump back in. Others might not. Being kind and accepting of the way the body works might mean a man enjoys intimacy a little more, instead of comparing his body to the bodies of others.
That being said, there are some things men can do to deal with post-intimacy male organ pain. Men like this might:
  1. Focus on touching their partners, rather than being touched
  2. Use their words to express feelings of closeness after intimacy, rather than using their bodies
  3. Strip sheets and blankets from the bed before intimacy, to avoid post-intimacy contact with these materials
  4. Discuss the issue with intimate partners in advance, to avoid any awkwardness
Men who don't experience enhanced feelings after intimacy may not ever be able to capture those intense feelings, and they might not even want to do so if they could. But there are some things these men can do in order to make their male tissues just a little more responsive. Using gentle techniques during self pleasure, focusing on gentle touch rather than hard tugs, and ensuring that ample lubrication is a part of any intimacy session might be a good place to start. Using a male organ health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil)might also be helpful. These products contain vitamins that that nourish nerve cells in the male organ, and they can help to soften scar tissue, allowing nerve cells to move toward the surface, where they belong. With this kind of attention, a man might enjoy his moment in the sun a little more, even if he doesn't experience intense sensitivity when the moment has passed.
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