Monday, 22 July 2013

Tip for busy people

Jobs related with computers exceeded the industry line of work today. More and more people are spending more than 8 hours of your time a day sitting in front of your computer. Knowing that our bodies are not designed for such static positions, we have to think of ways to relieve muscle tension and stress we receive for working long hours in these situations. A few good slimming exercises which you can do while you are in front of your computer will help you stay fit and healthy. You can try the following exercises:

1. While sitting in your chair and typing on the keyboard, you can move your hips. Do it in a gentle way, at least a few minutes.

Two. If you use a swivel chair in your office, you can rotate the body. This is syninymous to do the dance called "The Twist" by the sitting position.

Three. You can do a leg lift while working. Put your knees together and raise heels up and down. Repeat the exercise for a couple of minutes.

April. You can also lift your legs like marching in place.

May. Balancing the left and right while working also helps to relax your back.

June. Move your ankles regularly. This helps blood circulation.

July. Regular Wrist Wrap, which is good to keep away from carpal tunnel syndrome you can get if you spend long hours of typing.

August. Contract your abdominal muscles, hold for a few seconds and then release. Repeat this for minutes.

9. You can also make the spine and chest stretch. You can do this through your back resting on a chair. Put your hands behind your neck and lean back. Hold for a few seconds and look towards the ceiling. You can repeat this procedure several times during the day.

10. Finally, once in a while is to stretch your arms, neck and torso.

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